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Car mounts

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Does anyone have any tip on how to mount a GoPro Max on a car?

I want the effect of following the car with the camera, and the car following the camera.

So I need a suction cup of some sort and a stick that is long enough. I am not sure if El Grande is possible to mount on a suction cup. Hopefully it it won't swing too much making viewers seasick.

Or maybe a jawmount on the bumper and a stick?

All suggestions are appreciated.


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Re: Car mounts

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The Jaws mount might work. I'd put some zip ties around it just to make sure it didn't come off, but it's not a bad solution. You can use more than one gooseneck to extend it out some. The mount it'self is a quick release, so the base is going to be larger and will show if you keyframe down toward the base of Max.

El Grande isn't going to be a good solution. It doesn't have any mounting capability and it also uses a quick release mounting system.

The biggest problem that you are going to have is the up and down sway of any long pole, especially on a car mount. Because Max has such a wide angle lens, you might get away with not having it too far away.