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Cant Place battery order

Hi All


On the 1.11.2019 I decided to order the Gopro Hero8 black with the trade up option. (Great Offer by the way) I sent in my old camera straight away.


I then started to look at the accessories I would need for my GoPro. I decided to sign up for GoPro Plus and receive a 50% discount on some of those accessories. (Another Great Offer!)


I then try to order some batteries and get the message about posting of batteries and they can only post it with a camera.


Why is this not clearly stated by GoPro as a warning when ordering a camera?


So then GoPro receive my Trade In camera yesterday (5.11.2019) and my Hero8 Black order is pending. I contact GoPro on the phone and ask them to ammend my order and I will add the 2 batteries to my order as they are still processing it. I was told the order has been finalised and can not be ammended, this even though there is gonna be a delay in posting it out to me.


I then suggested that I place a seperate order for the batteries and then they can combine the order in the same package meeting the flight regulations. I appreciate there maybe a delay in doing this but I can wait. I was told, "No this can't be done".


I think this is doable. I want to save my £20 and buy more accessories not be given a telephone number where I can buy the batteries paying the full price!!!


GoPro: I'm sure your products are excellent (first timer with GoPro) but I think you have let yourselves with your customer support. It would be nice if you responded to this post but....this would mean trying to solve the issue.



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Re: Cant Place battery order

Hi Richard


Welcome to the club!  See this long thread here: and your experience adds to the frustration of this.  Seems like GoPro are trying their hardest to make it impossible to buy these batteries!

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Re: Cant Place battery order

Hello @richard784g


An order for a battery/dual battery charger must come with a product using the battery (like a camera). There is also a restriction globally as to how many batteries can be contained in a package being shipped via air.

These restrictions are placed on us by the shipper and not something we can control.

You may be able to find a local retailer that carries our products.