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Broken USB door

I’ve only had my Go Pro Hero 7 silver since November and today the hinge fell off when I was unplugging it from charging. The voice controls have also not worked.

I called Best Buy and unfortunately, unlike other manufacturers, Go Pro does not allow them to help customers directly.

I bought this item to record my ski trips. I no longer can use it. Any advice?
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Re: Broken USB door

First, the side door is designed to come off, so it's it broken, or just not on? If it is indeed broken, you can get a replacement here

The cameras is not waterproof without the door securely attached, but it still should work fine. If the door is broken and you don't want to purchase a new one, duct tape over the opening would protect it in snow.

Otherwise, you can contact GoPro Support for more assistance. Be sure to take a picture of the door and the media slot so you can share it with them to determine if it is in fact broken. You can start a chat with their representatives here
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Re: Broken USB door

HI @nicehero66042,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Hero7 Silver.

1. Side door is removable. Unless the metal hinge where the door attaches is broken then you need to reach out to our Customer Support Team for further help.

2. Voice controls not working - You may want to make sure that the voice control is turn on. Please follow the instructions below:

a. From the main screen, swipe down, then tap the Voice Control icon (looks like a person talking).

Note: You can also turn Voice Control on or off from the Preferences menu. Tap Preferences > On Camera Voice Control, then select an option.

b. If this is the first time you turned on voice control, confirm or change the voice control language.

c. Say a command from List of Voice Commands (

I hope these helps. For further assistance, you may reach our Customer Support Team via:

Make sure to be ready with the serial number as well as the purchase receipt.