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Bodyboard mount = Fragile piece

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I had one of this mounts and it broke. The wave wasn't big, but maybe a bit strong and I probably hit the camera with my arm, so I understand that it may be too much. Ok. I lost my Hero Sessions because of that, but, well, accidents happen.


The suspicious thing is when I get a new one, go surfing and in a small wave and not really strong and not really hitting the camera nor the mount, it broke. while the first one broke in half (only the cilinder remained), this second has the camera holder broken. That small rail. I think you understand what I mean. First it broke a bit on the right side and another on the left side. Now, it´s completely useless because if I get caught in a barrell, the camera goes away with no problem. 


I want to buy a new one, but I honestly don't know what to do. The mount is where you remmend to place it (upper left corner, inside, where the nose ends) and I really can't imagine that the mount is made only to swim with my bodyboard, but the fact that I can't ride a wave without fear of loosing my camera makes me doubt. Luckyly, I have the floaty and here (north of Spain) I don't go big beaches, and that's why I still have my Hero 9, not because of your mount.

If I am doing something wrong, I would like to know. But my guess is that I will have to stop trying.


Thank you for your time and your help. 

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Re: Bodyboard mount = Fragile piece

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Hi @ender1981


Let our Support Team take a look at what happened.

You may submit a request for a callback or initiate a chat session through