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Re: Avatar's don't work

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@mmshooting wrote:

First you add an image to your account, the account of the forum.

Click on your nickname and add an image to your album.

Then you can take this image for your avatar.

Hope is working for you...

Thanks. With the info you provided to me I was able to fix my avatar!  


So my profile pic was already assigned to my account, and my avatar used to work with this same pic.  GoPro changed something preventing it from working.  All that displayed recently was a blue circle. I have noticed most users on here have a blank blue circle now too.


What I did today after deciphering your messages was to click on my name in the forum and again add the the same pic that already exists as my GoPro profile pic - worked!  Its amazing to me that the GoPro mods did not know enough to pass on that this avatar procedure changed, and then tell me how to fix it.

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Re: Avatar's don't work

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Super !

Je suis content de lire que tu as réussi, ton avatar est visible.


C'est assez dingue de faire autant de manipulation pour afficher ces images.

Une synchronisation entre les deux accès (GoPro shop et Centre de support) serait aussi bien.