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50 % discount, no battery

Hi Gopro,
Just bought a new gopro 7, and ofcourse i need some new accessories and Battery’s for my new device. You guys advertise with a 50% discount for accessories as long as i sign up for GoPro plus. No problem so far, but as soon as i want to order some gopro batteries you guys are not able to get it at my house due to some regulations.. kinda misleading don’t you think? Advertising with stuff you can not even deliver!

There are some resellers in the city a live in but then the discount doesn’t count, does it?

Hopefully you can help me

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Re: 50 % discount, no battery

Hi @nobleriver37045


The limitation on individual battery orders is something beyond our control. This is a mandate due to Federal safety regulations governing Lithium Ion batteries. The current regulations only allow for minimal quantities of batteries to be shipped via air.
This can happen if you're shipping any 1 battery by itself and any camera plus 3 or more Rechargeable Batteries outside US. This is due to the IATA shipping regulations. Unfortunately these restrictions are placed on us by the shipper and not something we can control. Alternatively, you can purchase this accessory at a local retailer.


You may also check information regarding Plus discount on this link.




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Re: 50 % discount, no battery

But then I wont get any discount at the local retailer would i? Details of plus discount says its only for
I believe its beyond your control, but if you can’t deliver, don’t advertise!

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Re: 50 % discount, no battery

Yes, this is ridiculous! Gopro should give us a voucher or something to take to a shop.