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3 axis gimbal

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Does anyone have anything good to say about the Third Party 3 Axis Gimbals out there? I have found just as many bad as good reviews of such gimbals and am getting tired of researching on my own. Yes it's pretty easy to discard, the obvious 'don't have a clue ones but it still comes out pretty even pro and con. and at $250 - 800 US Dollars it's not something to easily just throw money at unless you have a corporate backing. I've looked at both Ikan and Feiyu for GoPro. Help!!!!!

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Re: 3 axis gimbal

Hey @martinm71130,


I personally do not have any experience with third party gimbals. Does any one else have thoughts or opinions using these? 

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Re: 3 axis gimbal



There is a number of options and price range to choose from. I built the only blog and website on this topic, you can compare all the gopro gimbals currently available on the market (feiyu, EVO, ikan, neewer, and smaller brands) at Smiley Happy


After reviewing all the available options, when it comes to handheld gimbals I would recomment the EVO GP, Feiyu G4, or Neewer Rider 2 (cheaper option).





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Re: 3 axis gimbal

@martinm71130 Did you end up getting on or did karma release come out after you already made a decision ?