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Newbie needs some basic help...

I'm living in Sedona, riding a BMW R1200RT and decided to go for a ride maybe an hour and half on  a couple of my favorite roads.


I thought I'd just start camera before. got on my bike record the whole time and come back to edit into smaller clips of a few minutes each.


I "may have" voice commands activated, although I wear a full face modular helmet....but for some doesn't video non stop.  It will start and stop in like 12 minute increments???


So I learned this, when SD caard is shuts off.  Makes sense.


Plug into adapter on iMac to view footage.  Some files are LRV...seem to be much smaller file size and lessor quality.  Some are MP4..but nicer looking and larger files.


Now about using the little scissors/cliping tool.......take a 10 minute clip for example, and I want to delete 8 one minute sections...reducing it to a 2 minute video.  Do I start and stop the clipping for what I want to keep or disgard?


46 degrees out so with gloves no way I could work app on phone or push buttons on there another way (besides voice commands) to operate starting and stopping of videos???


Now to edit.....what app will I use??????  iMovie???  Quik for desktop on iMac doesn't work with Big Sur IOS.


Any commentsor help appreciated.

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Re: Newbie needs some basic help...
Hello @spiryflame41455. Welcome to the group. I have used several different GoPros including Hero 3+, 4 white, 4 silver, 5 Session, 8 black, & Max 360 and they all record small video increments anywhere from 11 minutes on my 3 & 4 to up to 17 minutes on the 5 Session. The 8 black, I noticed recording 12 to 13 minutes, I believe. Now, I'm not sure about the older models, but the update for the Hero 8 changes the file size to record, if I remember correctly, up to 21 minutes.
I don't believe you mentioned which camera you are using, but if it's an 8, try the update in the GoPro Labs and it'll explain there.

I don't use Apple products, so I cannot help you with that, but as a Samsung user, I have found that the best app on my phone is PowerDirector, as well as on my HP Laptop for editing videos. I tried using Vegas Pro but it was much more complicated in my opinion to render the final edit, however it may have been the lack of memory I had available. PowerDirector is user friendly and puts out a very good quality project. Hopefully you are able to use it on your Apple products because you will like them and you will be able to cut your large video down to any size by cutting as much or as little as you'd like along the way.

I agree with you, 46 degrees hurts to push the record button and voice commands are impossible with a helmet. For this you can use a remote to start and stop your recordings, of course you'd still be pushing a button, but it is larger and you can wear it on your wrist, like a watch, or on your handlebar. I'll try to attach a photo of mine. I have only tested it, to see how it works and they seem to work pretty good. I haven't used it on the regular cameras because they are mounted either on my chin or somewhere within reach that I didn't feel the need to carry it around unnecessarily. I will, however, need to use it with the Max 360 since it is further away from me when mounted.

Well, I hope I was able to help with some of your concerns. You can check out my videos on my YouTube channel if you'd like to see the quality of the PowerDirector.

Oh, I almost forgot, I do use the GoPro Quick app on my phone to edit as well, but only when it's a straight forward video that I don't have to edit much, or for the Quick videos that are made automatically by the program itself.
And I just learned that Max 360 uses a different program which i have yet to become familiar with. The GoPro Player for my laptop i believe is just for viewing and some basic editing. I think a lot of the more "experienced" vloggers, like MaxWrist and those guys use other programs besides those available thru/by GoPro, but I don't know which ones yet.

Anyway, good luck. I hope you are able to make videos you'll be happy with. Stay warm and ride safe, my friend 🏍💨✌🐼
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Re: Newbie needs some basic help...

Hey bro' thanks for the encouragement....I was so frustrated yesterday!


Went to a couple favorite very scenic spots and thought I was filming when I wasn't!  That's how we learn if we don't give up.  Thought the camera would run till sd card was full (which it did fill up and shut off) or ran out of battery.  


I've watched some tutorial on iMovie and I'm learning least the basics.


About your stop and start....looks like it plugs into usb?  Is that just to charge?  does it BT to camera?  I assume you can buy it on  I think I'll get one.


Subscribed to your YouTube channel but haven't gotten to watch your vids yet, but I will.  I'm a youtube junkie...


Thanks again!

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Re: Newbie needs some basic help...
Hi Roadog,
Yes, that is frustrating. I once thought I was recording an awesome video of me riding my boyfriend's CBR1000RR and I was able to record it, but somehow did it in fast forward. It sucks that you can't edit it back to normal speed later. Another time, I thought again that it was recording, but it only took one still photo when I pressed the button to record and one still photo when I pressed it again to stop recording...🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
I later read that if you press the button down for too long, like 3 sec or so, that it'll shoot photos, either one or burst several. So maybe you did the same thing I did and pressed it longer than necessary.
I hope the remote works better for you. I apologize for the confusion, but yes, the USB is to charge the remote, which actually does connect via Bluetooth with your camera. AND, what's great about it, if I can figure out how to use it, it will connect to two cameras to use on both simultaneously. I think you toggle back and forth between the two or something like that.
You can buy one on anywhere from $55-$80, but I've seen them on Ebay for less. I got mine for $10 or $15 and it works perfectly fine.
I really do wish there was a way to know that the sd card is almost full without having to stop riding to check. Either with a flashing notification or a series of beeps. I would love it if they take up with Sena one again and made a Bluetooth backpack for all the new cameras. I have one for my 3+ & 4 and it definitely makes videos better being able to hear both sides of the conversation without extra speakers and wires.
Well, let me know how it works out for you to quick press the button to record and using the remote when you get one. You'll get the hang of it in no time.
Talk soon, ride safe! 🏍💨✌🐼 and thanks for subscribing. I believe you were my 100th subscriber. 🎉🎉🎉👍👍👍.
I'm going on a chill ride in the morning to test out the Max again. If like to learn to edit before the big Christmas ride coming up.
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Re: Newbie needs some basic help...

Thank you for your response.


I am using a Hero 7 Silver....I wasn't really aware of the differences in the models.....the remote apparently doesn't work with my model so I think I'd be smart to purchase a model it does work with.


Do you have a recommendation?  I will use it on my motorcycle 90% of the time......


Happy to be your 100th subscriber....I did get to view a couple of your videos.  I had to watch the unpacking of the gloves about ten times hahaha

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Re: Newbie needs some basic help...
Hahaha, lemme guess why... lol. Well, I appreciate it. Thank you. So, regarding your question about the remote, I just ordered the new remote myself and should get it before this weekend. Apparently that's the only remote available for the 7, 8, 9 and Max cameras. I use my 8 camera on my helmet, but the rest, especially the 360, are too far to reach at any given time while riding, unless I get off the bike or stand up. Anyway, let me know if that works or for you. Good luck. I'll let you know when I get mine.
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Betreff: Newbie needs some basic help...

Hi @spiryflame41455 


The camera is not starting and stoping the recording, it's just splitting the recording into several files. Actually this is a technical restriction of the filesystem from the SD card. Most of the SD cards are formated as ExFAT - also GoPro uses this filesystem when you format you card in the camera. This filesystem has a max filesize of 4GB. So whenever the 4GB are reached, the recording continues in the next files. The numbers in the filenames indicate to which recording series a file belongs to. 
Depending on your resulution (4K or just Full HD), your Codec (MP4 or HEVEC) and settings (ProTune settings are using a higher bitrate for more quality), you can store between about 7 and 20 minutes of video into one 4GB file.


Regarding the remote control ...

There are two versions of GoPro remotes at the moment. The old "Smart Remote" and the new "The Remote".
The Smart Remote is using Bluetooth just to wake up the cameras and enable Wifi. Controlling the camera then happens using Wifi only. I don't really like this.
The new "The Remote" is using Bluetooth only, but it is only working with HERO8 and HERO9. The old one is working down to HERO4 I think. There was an issue that the support for the old remote was removed from HERO9 in a certain Firmware version, but this is back in the latest one.

For myself I wrote an iOS App to control multiple GoPros and get a proper status about the recording.

Or see it in action here: (I already added the right timestamp where I talk about the app.)

I'm still waiting for an App Store approval. But in the meanwhile it works perfectly fine for me. 

And there are Smartphone enabled gloves that you can use!


Regarding video editor ... iMovie should be fine on the Mac to start with.
I use Final Cut Pro, but it's pricy. 
You can also consider Davinci Resolve which is available as a free version and it's very professional (even in the free version).
But it has a steep learning curve I would say.

Heute will ich mir mal die neu The Remote von GoPro zur Brust nehmen. Ich hatte ja eigentlich gesagt, dass ich mir die nicht holen will. Ich war jetzt aber d...