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Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.  They call me Panda, I'm using a Hero 8 and just got a Max to use on my

2014 Honda CBR600RR.  


So have any of you figured out how to use the new GoPro Labs feature to start recording at a designated speed? It seems pretty cool, but not sure if I'm doing it correctly since none of the features seem to be working at the time... I think.


Anyway, if anybody knows, please let me know.  Thanks.  Ride safe everyone.Woman Wink



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Re: Hello!

Hi Panda,


I'm not aware of what you're looking for.  I just joined yesterday and have a few questions myself.


I ride a 2015 BMW R1200RT and just got a Hero 7 Silver, been using a Dango mount on the chin of my helmet and ridden twice filming.


I'll post my questions and see if I can get some help with my challneges.


Best of luck......wonder if we can post links to our vids to critique and get help?



Sedona, Arizona

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Re: Hello!
Hey Roadog,
Hope you're doing well. I love the name, by the way. Well I'm not sure what a Dango mount is, I'll have to look that one up. I was using one from Motoradd, but found that the GoPro was too heavy and was only recording my instrument panel/dash and the road under the front tire. Lol.
I just got a GoPro Max, so i know I'm gonna have a million questions once i start using it; still waiting for my pole/tripod grip to attach to the back of my bike.
I'm not sure if we can attach links, although I don't see why not. I've seen other forums do it for my car, so let's give it a try...
If not, in sure you can copy and paste OR if all else fails, my gmail account is greatpandamonium if we are allowed to even leave that here. 🤷‍♀️.
Let's see what happens... that's definitely a good idea. In order to help someone, we need to see what we're helping with, right?🤞
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Re: Hello!


Very nice to have our own group för motobikers. 😊

I often lead groups of motorcycles which are also documented with video and pictures. And after each run, I usually cut together a film that everyone can watch and remember, which is usually much appreciated by the participants.

For that reason, I also think it’s very nice to look at vid’s made by others and there get some tip about how to make the movie more attractive.

Feel free to take a look at my movies and do not hesitate to give comments, both good and bad

This is the last movie for this season, and also my first with GoPro Max.


Have a great time !




En liten video som beskriver vår dag med hojarna ute på vägar och fik.Inspelad med Gopro Max i 360 graders format