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Wrong email

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I've just bought my son the camera and package plus extras for a Christmas present but while doing this I entered my email address thinking it was to do with the order but now it's the one on account can I change this to my sons email 

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Re: Wrong email

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@connorm8606, changing the email address can only be done through the Account Center on your GoPro profile. You can sign in to using your current email (email A) and go to Settings > Email to correct or change it. This can be done as long as the new email (email B) does not have an existing subscription account.


If you want to change email A to email B and email B already exists, here are some suggestions that will help:

  • If email B already exists, you need to change it to a different email.
  • OR you need to delete the account with email B in order to change from email A to B.
  • If you delete the account with email B, and change email A to B and still get an error "account already exists," you need to signup email B and try to delete the account with email B again at the settings page