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GoPro Hero 9 Webcam mode Windows, half screen freezes

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Hello, I have scoured every forum I could find for a solution but am having no luck. When connected as webcam after anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, the preview (and any supported app) splits down the middle with only the right side updating while the left side is frozen.


My webcam application is up to date, and my firmware is up to date. I have tried the cable that came with the GoPro and I've tried a selection of other cables in USB 3.0. I have tried it without the battery in and without the SD card in, and every variation of that (SD card in, battery out etc.) The graphics device that it is using under preferences is more than capable (GTX 1080).


I have also been through the GoPro Webcam FAQ and Troubleshooting and it has sadly not helped.


If there is a proper fix from GoPro or an unofficial fix from someone with the same issue I am open to every idea because this is quite unusable.

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Re: GoPro Hero 9 Webcam mode Windows, half screen freezes

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Hi @slooth


Sorry for any trouble caused.

This has been shared with the team. We'll post back once an update is available.




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Re: GoPro Hero 9 Webcam mode Windows, half screen freezes

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Hi Ej

Thanks for the reply, do you have any update on the above? I've continued to use it for the past 2 weeks but have still needed to disconnect and reconnect the gopro every 10 minutes or so as a temporary fix.