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hiw to shoot slow motion

I am totally new to GoPro, having just got a 6 yesterday. I keep seeing references to slow motion video But have not found out how to do it. I must say I think owners manual is somewhat lacking in detail. Can anyone help with slo-mo?

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Re: hiw to shoot slow motion

There are several flavors of slow motion to choose from. Power up your 6, then along the bottom of the screen you'll see your resolution "RES" and frames per second "FPS." In 1080P Resolution you have all frame rates available on the camera. The higher the FPS the slower your footage can be edited down to. The best frame rates FPS versus RES for high quality video are 4k 60, 2.7k 120, 2.7k 60 4:3 and 1080 240. If you have a newer computer you should be able to handle the HEVC codec, but that is another post all together. If you use one of the above frame rates you can slow your footage down in post. The higher the number of FPS the slower you can go.


Check this link for a nice overview of the features in your new camera.

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Re: hiw to shoot slow motion
It can be confusing at first. The camera itself doesn't do slow motion. It films at higher frame rates (fps) to allow you to do slow motion in your video editing.

To understand slow motion video speed, you need to first understand "regular" video speed. Without getting technical or into Cinema fps, a general "regular" playback speed is 30fps.

If you film at a higher fps, for example 120fps, and then slow it down to 30fps, it will be playing at 1/4 speed.

I get what your saying about the manual, but slow motion is really the effect of a video editor, not the camera. It would be in the video editor use manual that you should expect to find instructions on making slow motion video.

If you do not have a video editor, there are many available for free.

Here is a list to get you started.

DaVinci Resolve. (PC & Mac)
This program has recently undergone an update to v14 and it could possibly be the best NLE on the market right now. This is the release video and this is an end-to-end workflow tutorial. If you're looking for an excellent, free NLE to edit your vacation videos, this is the one you need. Highly recommended!

VSDC. (PC only)
This one works natively with HEVC files (Hero6) and apparently has silky smooth slow motion without needing optical flow.

Hitfilm Express (PC & Mac)
This is a great editor if you want to put a lot of special effects into your video. There are plenty of YouTube videos to assist you

ShotCut. (PC only)
A very promising NLE which is very easy to use and there are several excellent tutorials on their website.

Lightworks (PC only)
max 720p render resolution.

Blender (PC only)

Lives (PC only)

Along with trying different editors to find one you're comfortable with, definitely check out Abe's site linked in the post above. Don't just read about Hero6 though, read all of his articles going back to the Hero3. This might not help so much with slow motion, but it will help you to understand how to get the best shots with your camera.