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hero 6 or stabilizer?

Hi everyone, I have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and I'm tired of the bad stabilization. Now I'm not sure if I should either upgrade to hero 6 which has an integrated advanced stabilization, or get a stalìbilizer for my hero 4, which im already quite happy with its video/audio performance. So I wonder what i should do and I got a couple of doubts for both situation that i'd ask you to clear: 1. i get a hero 6: - are there any features that i should be aware of and that i should consider, exept obvioulsy better stabilization, video and audio? - accessories, mounts, battey etc that i already have for my hero 4, fit in hero 6 as well? what's different between the two? 2. i get a stabilizer for my hero 4: - whats the average price for it? i've seen a few ones from 100 to 150 euro, are they trustable prices? (some that i've seen also works with smartphone, which is cool) - any suggestions about some good ones that youìd suggest? Thanks very much, David

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Re: hero 6 or stabilizer?
hero 6 really good camera.(only 1080p - 240fps are super amazing)

+ search in youtube " gopro hero 6 + zhiyun smooth q" its not expensive, but really good stabilization system.

hero 6 have a good stabilization, but not for super professional video shooting
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hero 6 have - , right now, this camera doesnt have external battery like in hero 3+ or hero 4 black.

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Re: hero 6 or stabilizer?
Good input @benlikeone
It's pretty clear in the post but just to clarify - External Battery Pac that connect to the rear of the camera and extends battery life is available for Hero4 and earlier cameras. You need to plug the Hero5 and newer cameras into a power pack via a cable.

I just didn't want anyone to mistakenly think the comment, "hero 6 have - , right now, this camera doesnt have external battery" means that the Hero6 doesn't have a removable battery. It does.
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Re: hero 6 or stabilizer?
about power pack via a cable.... its for long shooting or something else. Time of time i need maximum free hands and free stabilizator.

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Re: hero 6 or stabilizer?
If you want longer battery life and a stabilizer, buy a Karma Grip. It charges your Hero6 and if money is an issue, can be purchased on eBay for under $200. One of the best stabilizers out there.