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Video settings in the dark

It's almost Christmas and everyone's christmas lights are out. What's the best settings for shooting these merry lights?


I tried these settings but everything was overexposed. What needs to be changed?


Resolution 2.7k

FPS 24

1/48 Shutter speed

ISO Min 100

ISO Max 6400

WB 6500K

Sharp Low

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Re: Video settings in the dark
Sorry to get to this so late, but I just joined. The reason for the overexposed shots is most likely related to the Max ISO. Since you are setting your shutter manually you should bring your ISO as low as you can to reduce noise/grain and prevent the overexposure. Although double the frame rate is the general rule for setting shutter, this really only applies to when there is motion in the shot. For filming lights, or static elements, in a low light/night shot, first set the shutter to it's lowest setting. In this case, start with 1/24. Next, drop both your min and max ISO to 100. You did the right thing by manually setting the WB and dropping the sharpness (although medium might work out fine). Your final step will be raising your max ISO one increment at a time 200, 400.... until you achieve the correct brightness.