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Hi, I just created an account so that I can ask about the windows version.

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Stop doing that.

Santa won't come if you don't go to sleep.

I have a friend working on the inside that says it was supposed to be released 8/1, but that it's being held back because people keep asking, and the devs enjoy making you "pay" to use this "feature" that was never "promised" and laughing.

Seriously, every other post is a thread hijack about "Windows Version"?!?


But holy **bleep**, does this look good on my mac. It's got velvety smooth texture; that linear is the bomb, but with wide i get my entire desk!

Works awesome in low light, it's easily 200X better than my MBP's 720P cam, and did I mention it's a full 1080P Webcam? I don't even think you can buy these on the streets, they're so cool.


Works awesome in OBS and Ecamm Live too.

Can confirm not working with Zoom or Teams.

But my co-workers are already jealous because of the bokeh on my Nikon Z6 webcam under Ecamm Live.

Same situation in reverse there friends; Nikon's beta webcam app is PC-only.

Luckily bootcamp works fine, and reads it perfectly under Win10.