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GoPro Webcam App and Windows 10 Microphone Recording Levels

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For now, I have given up on the latest Webcam app beta version for Windows 10. No matter what I try I cannot get a preview from the app and there is no video display in any of my conferencing apps (Skype, Teams, Zoom). I can connect to the camera and the conferencing apps are aware of the camera, but no video at all.


I also experienced a really annoying side effect of installing the Webcam app.  Windows 10 mic recording levels dropped down to almost zero and could not be changed!  The first conference call I was on after installing the Webcam app, people kept telling me that they could not hear me and to talk louder and closer to the mic. That helped a little (very little) but it was a nightmare of a conference call!


After getting off of that meeting I immediately uninstalled the Webcam app and rebooted. My normal recording level controls had returned.


Wondering if anyone else has experienced this on Windows 10. Something for GoPro to look into I guess.