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Threats Faced by an App Development Team

As we see the abundance of apps in the market of technology where a rough sketch of more than one and a half million mobile applications are registered globally, not every app get to reach the optimum height of acceptance from the customers or users. The App Development Service in California is also facing the similar consequence of having such a crowded pool of applications at a time. The issues that are incorporated in the list of threats faced by app developers or the app development agencies are the marketing risks, lack of effective communication, reduced resources, technical errors, customer dissatisfaction and in effective maintenance. By thorough analysis I found out these challenges as the main constituent of app development failure. According to your exposure and experiences what you would like to add on to the subject?

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Re: Threats Faced by an App Development Team

Good developers are a scarce resource, are often costly and over-subscribed as far as their work pipeline goes. Working methods such as agile promote rapid delivery for new features which can result in older products being obsolete very quickly. Often the technical delivery takes too much focus at the expense of tasks such as documentation and effective monitoring. The products that typically fail first are those with poor / no documentation and those that have a poor monitoring structure. With no documentation, you will have no visibility for how the product works and of any key decisions / features. Lack of effective monitoring increases time to identification of any bugs and relies heavily on the users reporting bugs. Thus teams take a reactive approach to support and increasing MTTR (Mean time to resolution)