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Need help converting time warp video to regular speed

Hi guys! big noob here, need help finding a way to convert a time warp video taken from my hero8 black to run on regular speed. I tried to do IMovie but it seems people are like "moving robots". Hope to find a way to smoothen out the movements and convert it to regular speed. was in a hurry to get in to a game and unknowingly the recording function on the camera was set to time warp and not video. so thats that.

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Re: Need help converting time warp video to regular speed
Time Warp takes a picture at different intervals and then brings those pictures together into a video. Unfortunately, you can't go back and turn it into a movie ("regular speed") because there are frames missing. To make a video look natural and not "robotic" you need at least 24 frames, or "pictures", to be taken by the camera every second. Depending on the interval used, the time Warp will have taken anywhere from about 10 frames to 2 frames on average. Old Black and White silent movies were in 16 frames, to give you an example.

One thing you can do is try smoothing the transitions between each frame with an editor like DaVinci Resolve (free) or Adobe Premiere Pro (paid) by using Optical Flow (DaVinci) or Time Warp (Adobe), but it will take some work to get right and you'll never get it looking natural. Basically, with these two methods the editor attempts to create the missing frames to smooth out slow motion. It's computer intensive and you need a pretty powerful computer and graphics card. You'll need to look up and watch some how to YouTube videos of you've never used either of these programs before. I suggest learning DaVinci Resolve. It's very powerful (and free), but you will probably be watching more videos on how to use it than actually using it in the beginning, but it's worth learning and gets easier once you understand the basics.
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Re: Need help converting time warp video to regular speed

Different techniques, friend, to achieve different feelings. If you want people moving smooth, better use video. If you want this "robot-movements" use timewarp ;)