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Motion Blur gopro 4 silve (even with gimble)

Hello All


I have been recording party video for birthday and our vacation video using a gimble. Most of the time is 2K at 23fps and last one i did was 29.9 fps but it seems that when i pan the camera or gimble from left to right OR up to down or vice versa there seem to be motion blur and the faces gets blurried.


How can i avoid that. Is there an optimal settings or another resolution i need to use for it. My style of recording is such that i pan sideways a lot as most ppl do and i see many videos on youtube filmed with gopro doing panning and fast motion recording and still very sharp. 


I havent been able to get lot of help on it and if some can help with the optimal settings i can really appriciate it please


thank you



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Re: Motion Blur gopro 4 silve (even with gimble)
To get shaper images, you will want to increase your frame rate and/or shutter speed. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to elaborate right now, but to keep it simple, think of it this way: Slower fps and shutter for low light and increased motion blur, faster for and shutter for action and good lighting.