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hero8 and gps

I've been using HERO8 for a few months, and I've only been recording videos with GPS all the time. Recently I wanted to add a GPS stickers and i found that none of the apps (mobile or desktop) has the GPS sticker function available due to lack of data.
I checked for GPS data on - it was on each video.
After that I went to and I saw that HERO8 is not in the list of supported devices for processing in Quick.
It is clear that there are a lot of third-party options, I tried Virb, Dashboard, AE - all this is not as convenient as clicking on a button, some programs do not work or have errors on OS X.
I saw a solution that describes kajuna - he did a great job for doing all this, but first of all-it is convenient for me to edit videos immediately on my phone, but there is no solution for this. Secondly, the price that kajuna asks for is too high for me, I have been saving money for a long time to buying camera with accessories and not currently ready for additional spending.
I also found a free solution - but in this case I lose the functions from the latest firmware, and it is unclear whether the stickers will work in the mobile app.
In fact, I understand that everything is already described and known, and I wrote the most popular solutions of this problem, and other aspects of the camera is very good, but it is still very sad that the GoPro team is so concerned with its product and consumers that from 2019 it can not solve this problem, while other people were able to solve it.

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Re: hero8 and gps
I think so @evgeniyk27
One of the main reasons why I bought the Hero 8 was for its gps and the easy possibility of displaying different gps tags. but so far this work has been difficult for me. lately it seems like gopro is working hard, I hope its resolved soon
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Re: hero8 and gps
It is very unfortunate that GoPro has abandoned GoPro Quik. I used to be able to upload my race videos with the speed and G force stickers then upload to YouTube right from the program. GoPro has taken away the ability and convenience of this program and have left us with nothing. The app is terrible and very inconvenient to use. Please correct this issue GoPro!
Thank you