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can i use my gopros gyroscope to stabilize video from my mirrorless camera

If i mount my gopro on top of my camera and then use the gyroscope data from my gopro to stablize video from my other camera,


I know the program real steady uses the gyroscope to stablize gopro footage. But in my case the gopro would be mounted on top my camera for the data and i would then stablize the video from my gh4 mirrorless camera, simular to how the new sony camera uses gyroscope data to achieve gimbal like stabilization,


Ive look around the web but cannot find anything,


Would this require a large amount of coding? 


If anyone has insight or any ideas they would be greatly appreated.


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Re: can i use my gopros gyroscope to stabilize video from my mirrorless camera

This won't work due to the difference in height and movement between the two camera's.  


Why not just learn to use a video editor, slightly crop your footage and then lock the corners of your footage to achieve stabiliztion?  Many video editors can use optical flow information to steady footage also.  

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Re: can i use my gopros gyroscope to stabilize video from my mirrorless camera
Bit late so you've probs found a solution or forgotten about it by now. As far as I'm aware there is no way to do this no. However, someone has created some programs to do something similar with blackbox data from fpv quadcopter flight controllers which can be very cheap. Join this Facebook group and look in the announcements tab. Gyroflow is a stand alone programme to stabalise almost any camera footage using bb data. BlackboxToGPMF (gopro metadata format) allows to convert bb data into gopro metadata to be embedded into any mp4 file to then use with reelsteady go. The problem with this last one is the camera/lens you are using must have a similar FOV to gopro as reelsteady also applies lens corrections. I have seen both these programmes used successfully with all sorts of cameras using 3d printed hotshoe mounts for the flight controller. I know this isn't exactly what you were after but I hope it helps.