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What program to trim clips keeping metadata

Hello, after trying it with Quik, Gopro Studio, Vegas, premiere, dashware and some more less known.
When trimming a long clip into several smaller ones, the gps data, velocity ect is lost.
You know if there is any program or plujing to cut clips and keep the metadata.
or some way to extract a capture that contains the geolocation ?.

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Re: What program to trim clips keeping metadata

Hi. I don't know of a specific program that would do that. If I were in your situation I would probably use the GPMD2CSV tool ( ) to extract the data and then select the csv rows that matched my clips. I would probably write some script to do so, as it can be incredibly tedious by hand. There might be better ways to do it but I don't know about them.

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Re: What program to trim clips keeping metadata

You can check out

Login in with facebook account, go to My Studio/Video.

In upper part check icon pop-up info. Second from left is "Load GoPro movies". Whem loaded, parsed you can watch everythink in interactive way - video, maps, charts.

YouTube presentation:


Then can download GPS data in GPX format for entire mulitfile movie or any selected fragment. It contains Lonf/Lat, speed, altitude, timestamps.

You can download single GPX covering entire selection or alternatively zipped bunch of GPX file per each GoPro mp4 file. Look for the third icon from the left in upper part of the screen - pop-up title "Download GPS data..."


You can also publish your movies (bicylces, motobikes, skiing, etc) in the form you can see on The availibility of yout trails is elther from the list with filters or from the map.




Watch your locally stored GoPro movies together with maps trails and altitude, speed, GPS signal quality charts:- go to login with Faceboo...
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Re: What program to trim clips keeping metadata

Hi @Anonymous ,


Did you come up with a solution that worked for you?  I'm interested in the exact same issue.



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Re: What program to trim clips keeping metadata

You might try Garmin Virb Edit.  It doesn't retain the metadata, but, does export a GPX and .CSV file.  You'll want to manually import a GPX file extracted using kajuna's tool in Virb Edit and later export the trimmed file.


Slightly off topic: I color correct my GoPro video using DaVinci Resolve and later use scripts and FFMPEG to copy all of the metadata from the original GoPro video files to the videos exported from DaVinci Resolve (Resolve strips out the metadata too!).  This allows me to retain both timecode and the GPS metadata for processing and overlays using other programs (I use Garmin Virb Edit for my overlays).  The caveat here is that your exported video files must be the same framerate and length because the data is simply copied from the original files.  I'll make a new post under "GoPro Metadata Visualization" explaining this process.

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Re: What program to trim clips keeping metadata

I finally got around to posting an update on how to copy metadata.  The process is below...


Kajuna's GoPro utilities has recently been update with a new batch script "Metadata Copier.bat". This has the capability to copy the metadata from a source video file to a post processed video file that lacks the metadata of the original.


I post process and color corect my GoPro files using DaVinci Resolve. The problem I had is when exporting video from DaVinci Resolve, the metadata and timestamp information was being stripped out, so all of my GPS data was lost. I developed this script to copy all of that useful metadata from the original GoPro files to the post-processed files. This script just copies the data, so the source file length and framerate should be the same as the original, or you might have issues.


To run the script, you'll want to have your input files (original GoPro files with metadata) and corrected files (with the edits, color corrections, etc.) organized correctly. Drag an original GoPro source file onto the script and it will process all of the source .MP4 files in that directory that correspond to a corrected file in the "EditedVideoPath".


You may edit the top portion of the batch file to change the default settings, if necessary. The script will look at the source GoPro .MP4 files and use the settings chosen to search for a corresponding edited file to process. You may change which folder edited files are in, and anything you have prepended or postpended to the file name (the base filename needs to remain intact). You may also edit the batch file to change which folder the script will output files to and any prepended or postpended text to the filename.


Tip: Use Bulk Rename Utility to easily manage file naming:


Example (using defaults):
Original GoPro files (source files for metadata): "C:\Source Files\GoPro Video 1.mp4"
Edited (color corrected files, source for video/audio): "C:\Source Files\Edited Video\GoPro Video 1.mp4"
The metadata corrected files will export to: "C:\Source Files\Metadata Fix\GoPro Video 1_MDF.mp4"

The options you can edit in the batch file:


:: This is the name of the nested directory that contains the edited/color corrected video files.
set EditedVideoPath=Edited Video

:: Edit this to tell the script anything that has been prepended to the filename of the edited/color corrected video files.
set EditedPrepend=

:: Edit this to tell the script anything that has been postpended to the filename of the edited/color corrected video files.
set EditedPostpend=

:: Directory to export the processed files to (nested under source file directory).
set ExportVideoPath=Metadata Fix

:: Optional text to postpend to the exported video files (with the correct video/metadata)
set MetadataFixedPostPend=_MDF


FYI, I mostly used this process to color correct my video files. Credit to "The Loam Ranger" for the awesome process:
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