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GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)
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Here's a list of products you can use to read, visualize and convert GoPro metadata depending on your purpose. Please submit additional items in the comments if you want them added to the list.


User friendly

  • GoPro App Desktop / Android / iOS (Free) - Official editing tool. Can visualize some of the metadata, although many users have reported problems.
  • Telemetry Overlay Windows / macOS (Paid) - Add customizable gauges to GoPro (and other cameras) videos
  • GoPro Telemetry Extractor (Free/Premium) - Extract, visualize and convert any data stream (sensor) to other formats.
  • GoPro GPS Quick Fix (Paid) - Modifies your video files to enable gauges / performance stickers in GoPro Quik.
  • Virb Edit (Free) - Overlay nice gauges on videos. GPS data must be converted to GPX first.
  • Dashware (Free) - Combine video and gauges. Data must be converted to compatible formats first.
  • Serious Racing (Free) - Online lap timer. Reads GPS data.
  • Race Technology (Paid) - Offline lap timer and other sensor data.
  • Drone Viewer (Paid) - Reads and displays GPS data alonside the video.
  • Race Render (Trial/Paid) - Offline lap timer. GPS data must be converted to GPX first.
  • After Effects Telemetry template (Lite/Paid) - Customizable After Effects overlay for visualizing multiple data streams.
  • Lap Analyser (Free) - Gets lap times, forces and angles from motorsports footage (cars/motorcycles)
  • The Video Map (Free) - Watch your youtube videos alongside a location map
  • Map the Paths Uploader - Put your images and video “on the map”

For developers

  • gopro-telemetry - JavaScript tools for extracting any data stream.
  • gpmf-parser - C++ sample project and documentation on the GoPro Metadata Format.
  • gopro-utils - GoLang tools for extracting some of the data streams, plus batch tool for automating the process on Windows.
  • gopro2gpx - Python tool for converting the GPS data into GPX.
  • gpmf-extract - JavaScript tool for extracting the binary data from the mp4 when ffmpeg is not available.
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Re: GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)
thank you very much.
I will try them
best regard
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Re: GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)
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Thanks for the list. I tried the software but still couldn't find a solution. If you have another idea, please let me know. My answers in bold:


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Re: GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)
Okay as I cannot edit my post anymore. I found GoPro Temeletry Extractor at a different link that can convert to gpx.

So I will go on with dashware. Editing gauges is a bit annoying and the rendering time is really long but better than nothing.

RaceRender has a watermark in free version so also not usable if you don't want to pay for GoPro's Apple addictions (yes part of it).
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Re: GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)

I purchased a GoPro Hero 8 from Costco a few weeks ago and I'm having nothing but trouble pulling GPS stats from videos with the Quik software. I'm glad Costco has a good return policy.

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Re: GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)

@schizamp wrote:

I purchased a GoPro Hero 8 from Costco a few weeks ago and I'm having nothing but trouble pulling GPS stats from videos with the Quik software. I'm glad Costco has a good return policy.

This issue is not with the camera but rather it is with the Quik software. 


The QUIK software does not directly support the telemetry format from the Hero 8 camera. 


If you have the GPS turned on (See page 85 of the manual) and have a good view of the sky when recording, you should see the location icon shown in white.  There are a number of threads here on the Community support page, including this thread, that explain how to verify that you are getting GPS data recorded to the mp4 video files.  The one I use is called the GoPro Telemetry Extractor Lite, found at  This web based program will read the metadata (telemetry) track from the video and then extract the data you request, displaying it in graphical format or allowing the user to download the csv file of the data.


There is also a paid program, "GoPro GPS Quick Fix" (see message 1 in this thread) that can update the metadata track to make the Hero8 MP4 file metadata compatible with the Quik program.

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Re: GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)
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Re: GoPro Telemetry Resources (software)

Or, the argument could be made that the camera does not function properly in recording the telemetry data to the video.

The message on the Quik app states that "Gauges are only available for videos captured with the Karma drone, or HERO5 and newer cameras with GPS turned on.".  The HERO8 and HERO9 are newer cameras, so if they don't work with Quik, it is because they aren't working properly.