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GoPro Max extract .360 file GPMF and add back to stitched 360 video

I have a GoPro Max that I use for Streetview. Programs like Trailblazer and GoThru read the GPMF data from the video file to get coordinates and orientation of each frame. Currently the Windows version of GoPro Max Exporter can't include GPMF data in the stitched output video. The Mac version works, but like a lot of people I have a slow Macbook and a much faster PC. Is there any way to copy the GPMF data from the original .360 cubic map video to the final video?

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Re: GoPro Max extract .360 file GPMF and add back to stitched 360 video

You can do this with ffmpeg ( ). The command would look something like

ffmpeg -i stitched.mp4 -i original.360 -c copy -map_metadata 1 -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -map 1:3 output.mp4

I have not tested this, and some of the stream mappings could be different. If Trailblazer needs additional metadata streams, you could add them to the command with -map 1:4  and so on.

I took the command from this batch tool, which might also fulfill your needs, although I have not used it in a very long time, so it could be out of date in some aspects: