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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format

@kajuna thanks for taking the time to automate the extraction process for everyone. As other have noted, it is also possible to dump the accelerometer data via DashWare (it creates a csv alongside the video file when merging gopro 3.7GB files into one contiguous file). The CSV contains the same headers as the GoPro csv but DashWare isn't able to make use of it. The same goes for your accel and gyro files since there's no template by which DashWare can interpret them. 


My scenario is I've got GPHS5 footage and garmin tcx location data. I'm able to overlay gauges with this data using dashware, but I'd like to add the g-meter as well and back it with data.


Do you know of any way to integrate your accel/gyro data ito a tcx or gpx file?



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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format

I see that, but what can you do with it? Importing a H5 source file will give you a csv dump of the telemetry, but it's still basically unusable unless dashware writes an interpreter for it.

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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format
Hi @patrickm2481
I do not know how to convert the csv to the formats you mention, sorry. I specifically needed the data in csv in order to use it in other softwares (Processing and After Effects specifically)
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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format

DashWare is  not a well designed program.  It not only requires Admin permission to install, but it requires that it be run as Administrator.  I don't give that password out to family and I don't let them have access to Admin Documents folder (where the program wants to write).  

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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format
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Hello everybody,

I'm new in this group and found this a very interesting subject. My personal interests are connecting data to webbased maps, such as movies and images, combined with other metadata. I was thinking about buying a GoPro5, but before my purchase I would like to test my software with a (small) 'geotagged' demo mp4 sample of a GoPro 5. Is it possible one of the members from this group can share a 'raw data' mp4 file, including the geotagged metadata? I couldn't find one on the Go Pro website. 

I will post my findings in this group :)

Thanks a lot!


The Netherlands

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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format


I started web app which among others can show GoPro H5 videos and sync maps - the app parses GP mp4 from local storage.

You can:

- open number of mp4 files

- gps data is parsed and presented as "single" set of GPS points on google maps - video and map are in sync, you can change position in both

- there is a chart with GPS precission data - also in sync with a map and video (though at the moment you cannot generate sync events from a chart)

- it is possible to adjust start and end of the movie combined out of individual mp4 files - you can the download corresponding data (at the moment csv only), there is list to guide you how to edit a movie to reflect prepared gps data

- csv contains latitude, longitude, altitude, 3d speed, relative duration timestamps (in seconds) - 1Hz

- it works with Chrome, optimized for large screens

- it is in Polish at the moment - hope you will guess how to use it


The link to the particular page on my site:


There is also cycling vblog where I used the tool:


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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format

Now it works in English:
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Re: Extracting the metadata in a useful format



So how often does Gopro Hero 5 log/record its location?  Is it 18 times per sec (18 Hz GPS position) or 1 (GPS timestamps)?   I'm trying to accurately compare it with the sample freq of the smartphones (normally 1-1.5HZ), GPS watches, and laptimers (10-20 hz).