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Custom gauges for After Effects
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Hey guys. I just published a template with some custom (and customizable) overlays for After Effects. You can use them with the files generated in the GoPro Telemetry Extractor.


Here's a clip with all of them.



For now, these include:

- Speedometer

- GPS path

- Altitude & total distance

- Total G Force

- Total rotation


I plan on adding more (accelerometer by components, ISO, shutter speed). So I'm open to suggestions.


You can get the speedometer here to see if the template style works for you:


And the full overlay with all the gauges is available here at the bottom:


Hope you guys like this, happy to answer any questions.


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Re: Custom gauges for After Effects

Added some new gauges and a tutorial.

Current gauge list:

- Speed

- Distance

- Altitude

- GPS Path

- Altitude Path
- G-Force

- Acceleration

- Air Time

- G-Force Path
- Rotation

- Total Rotated
- Camera Settings

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Re: Custom gauges for After Effects

Not strictly GoPro related, but I ported the same gauges to DJI drones:

I also added a new gauge (also to the GoPro template!): Course Direction (also called heading in some cases). It's the sort of compass you see in the video above.

Everything available here:

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Re: Custom gauges for After Effects

Template updated:

- New gauge: Speed Tracker
Added nautical units
Added latitude and longitude to GPS Path
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Re: Custom gauges for After Effects

Hi,may i know what is the discount coupon? Thanks !

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Re: Custom gauges for After Effects

@kajuna I wrote to you via email but stumbled upon this group when reporting the fact the timezone data was being stored incorrectly in files. 

I'm really interested in playing with these templates for my RC car racing onboard videos. Would you be so kind as to supply me a discount code?

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Re: Custom gauges for After Effects

o0o0 this look really cool 😁i'll be sure to give it a try 🥇📹