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Acceleration data without GPS?

I've got a Hero 5 and I'm interested in seeing what data I can pull off indoor karting sessions.  We're in a big metal building so GPS data is never going to happen.


Is it still possible to pull the G diagram?  Anyone using Racerender, and if so how easy is it to add data (can I just select the video file?).  I'd really like to end up with an overlay that breaks apart lat and long G if possible.


Planning to give a few things a try in a few days but figured I may get some good help here before i start banging my head against the wall

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Re: Acceleration data without GPS?
Yes. Accelerometer and gyroscope data will be there.

The accel data is split in axes, so if your camera is flat and pointing forwards it's pretty easy to visualise horizontal, vertical and longitudinal forces separately as graphs. At least my tools do so (Telemtry Overlay, etc.).

You won't get forces in lat and long without some additional reference and complex calculations