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download files from gopro 8 to gopro plus

I just bought the gopro plus to be able to save all  of my files on the cloud.  my gopro when plugged in directly to the computer does not download my files automaticaly, I also do not know why my phone app does not link directly to my computer.  When my gopro is hooked up via bluetooth to my android the files are transferred but then I can not acess on my computer.  Need help to acess files on the computer and to be interchange between computer to android.  One last question how can my daughters iphone acess this same account?

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Re: download files from gopro 8 to gopro plus

Hello, @johnp3570. There are different methods by which you can upload your media to the GoPro PLUS cloud. For more details, check out the article How To Add Media to PLUS


If uploading via mobile is more accessible and more preferred for you, you can continue doing so. The files will be imported to the app first, then uploaded to the PLUS cloud via mobile upload


There are two ways then that you can access your files through your computer:

  • Through the cloud - once your media are successfully uploaded to the cloud, log in to, access your media library, and download the media that you want to access and a copy will be saved on your computer. 
  • Through your mobile phone - For the files in the app to be accessible using your computer, they will have to be saved to the phone first. These instructions will guide you on how to do it. 

You only need to install the GoPro App on your daughter's iPhone and log in using your GoPro PLUS account so she can also access the cloud media through the app. Hope this helps!