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GoPro Plus
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contact.....I have gopro plus

I have gopro plus and need to talk to a human.....if that is no longer possible....why do I have gopro plus?



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Re: contact.....I have gopro plus

Hi @snowypeak21516,



Please visit this website:

You have an option to contact them via chat or phone. 






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Re: contact.....I have gopro plus

Thing's I've learned dealing with GoPro's "customer service":
1. Whoever you are having a conversation with can not solve your issue(s). It doesn't matter if it's by phone or chat.
2. Their team is waiting to hear from another team and will follow up with you.
3. They will straight up lie. They will not follow up. You will have to make contact with them.
4. If someone from GoPro gives you a # to call on facebook, that # will not work.
5.They will lie again. They will tell you they haven't shipped your order because it's "out of stock" for the program they offered you.
6. They will suggest you cancel the first order and give you a coupon for a similar but different deal. A deal they can ship from. They will recommend you place an order using that program.
7. If they tell you they canceled an order, they didn't. They will ship the order they told you was canceled. You know, the one that was "out of stock".
8. They will charge you for the canceled order that was "out of stock" and couldn't ship but did.
9. You will call them about the above issues and the cycle begins again...