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Re: Gopro Plus Member

OK sports fans, I think I just experienced two problems that may help solve your problems with discounts (some) and payments.


In my previous post I stated that I had experienced problems with getting a discount as a gopro plus member.


Well, I continued to at least order some batteries.  I was having issues with that also.  I had one battery in my cart and it crashed after I clicked continue on payment.  I tried again with two batteries, then three... same thing.


I chatted with gopro and they that the issue was something with regulations on shipping that number of batteries.  I ended by saying I sould try splitting my order.


My good friend and mentor, to remain nameless, always said, "Its better to be lucky than good".


Try these steps


make sure you login first with your gopro plus id.

select accessories from the menu, then your camera.  You should see the discounted prices on the eligible items now.


watch for a narrow banner somewhere between the top of the page and the accessory filters that says something like "it looks like you are in the United States, select your country.  You may not see the warning yet, but make sure the last thing you do before you click on your cart is to check for it and deal with it.  If/when you do see it, Click on select your country, then your language under United States.  That warning should be gone now.


Now, as it turns out, there is some kind of problem trying to use PayPal on the GoPro site!  It will not work!  I reported it through chat.  If you use a credit card, your order will go through just fine.


Good luck!

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Re: Gopro Plus Member

Jaminin, that's a good troubleshooting tip.  Just curious, but do any of you having issues use a VPN client?