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GoPro Plus
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GoPro Plus is an unbelievable MOCKERY

You get for what you pay, i.e. NOTHING far from 1980ies computers!


- It doesn't matter how fast is your internet connection, because GoPro servers will work only at around 10Mbps... should we get out from our retired hardware the 720Kb floppy disks too?


It's been over an year that someone official from this forum answered to another thread about this unbelievable situation that he had forwarded the upload speed problem to the people in charge..... nothing has changed, do they care for the customers or not?

Hous and hours and days completely dedicated to wait for your vacations data to upload... unbelievable in 2020 with superfast fiber internet!


- You can have a new camera if you destroy yours (something like a kasko insurance).... the problem is that you have to pay around 70 dollars/euros to get the new one.... it is worth to pay it just for one year, then it is cheaper to buy the new model than continuing to pay that kidding 50$ Plus for years.


- You get 50% off for accessories.... how many accessories will you buy every year?... a small gift after all.


It's my first gopro, a hero8.... whish I spent my money in a DJI, you get almost the same cheaper and at least they don't show you brilliant sun shining promises that then show out themselvs as trembling candle lights..


Going to stop my Plus account, better paying Google for a true working cloud and hoping to sell my hero8 and accessories without loosing too much money.... hardware itself is objectively good, but all what is orbiting around it is completely disappointing.


This is my opinion, I know you don't care about it otherwise you would have trimmed this upload issue... if you don't have the money to put up a decently working cloud to support the Gb uploads, then close it and concentrate on the hardware.


Thanks for all of this....