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Any way to get my GoPro Max 360 footage to my GoPro iOS app?

When I imported my footages from GoPro Max to my GoPro app, some of the videos didn't get imported (as always with GoPro cameras, import can simply fail !!! it's not an SD card issue). I realized it when I was looking for a specific moment I know for sure I had recorded cause I was able to play it on my phone before import. I don't have the camera at the moment but I have an SD. I tried to upload the video to GoPro Plus cloud but it didn't work. All the desktop apps (both Mac and Windows) are also useless cause Quik doesn't even see 360 videos and Max players only play those, hardly...I desperately need the video so any suggestions would be great.  I basically want to have it among my other footages in my iOS GoPro app so I can do a clip from vacation. I'm not a videographer and have no knowledge of super fansy videography tools so please keep that in mind, however I am a computer person.


Thank you.

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Re: Any way to get my GoPro Max 360 footage to my GoPro iOS app?

Hi @kburova669


Sorry for any trouble caused.

Are you having issues with 360 files or regular videos?

Are these chaptered files?

Here are some links you can check:

360 Media Support in the GoPro App

Common Auto Upload Issues