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scripts: remind me please

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Is there a way to clear a metadata tag like it never existed, maybe !MOWNA= or !MOWNA=""?


Why am I using \5 for spaces in display strings? And are there any other magic escapes other than \n? Maybe an escape for quotes themselves?


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Re: scripts: remind me please

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Not individually, no.  !RESET will clear everything that Labs has stored on camera.


You can use spaces between quotes, so !MOWNA="Hello World" works fine. Where did you get the \5 suggestion, I know it was a hack for something I had, please share?


There is no way (currently) to store quotes in the string storage metadata.  Why do you need to do that?





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Re: scripts: remind me please

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I think it was something about saving scripts to the SD card using a QR code not allowing spaces. I'm sure you must have suggested using \5 as that is a unique language feature (unlike \n). I recall trying other backslash escapes, only to have the font change size in non-obvious ways.


In any case, I am still using \5 even though I have been editing scripts on the SD card directly using Notepad for a month now. It works, but is apparently unnecessary. The question came up as I considered making scripts more readable and reusable using Python or M4.


As an example of spaces in strings, rather than setting owner metadata, I used this:


QR code, scan once to set


boot (file on SD card)