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Time-lapse video QR code help

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I am very new to this and I really need some help setting up my camera for a time lapse video. I am planning to record my swimming pool installation which will be starting on the 14th (tomorrow). I have been trying to figure out the QR code programming, but I don’t know if I have it right or not. If someone can look at the code I have now and tell me if it will work or tell me what I need to change I will really appreciate it.

The camera will be plugged in so power is not an issue. The camera can stay on the whole time. I want to take a time-lapse video using photos taken every 30 seconds at 60fps at 1080 resolution in a wide-angle view. I have the video starting at 7AM every day and ending at 5PM. Ideally, I’d like to have Wi-Fi on so the video can auto upload at the end of each day once the recording stops. If this is not an option, I can just remove the memory card every few days to get the files off. I don't mind if the video records 7 days a week as I will just not include the videos taken over each weekend in the final video where I put it all together.

Here is the code I have right now.



Thanks again for taking the time to help me out.