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Overlay Burn topic discussion regular video & Livestreamed.

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Beta test FW1.70.75,  feedback to GoProlabs: 


Overlay burn:   My test set up for Hero 8 video only.  in the Any start messege I  typed in GoPro Labs Beta FW1.70.75  and display meta  gps experimental  ISO: ‘ISO100  the example  below as well. and Any End messege here  test COMPLETED   the overlay sliders were 40H 0 V 10 off set  this was what I got fine font


SO I  swapped out the  sliders to All 0 for Auto.


I I then I re-read the  page  where GoPro labs said  this was intended for Livestream..... so why not then  reapply the QR code with ISO100 and start a stream see below






As now the Info supplied on the actual video changes to actual GPS reading.  


Now lets  take note what has happened,   if I have correctly   posted my  QR, then why did I not get the messege on the two vids, ? I totally understand GPS is experimental.


Why do I not see  goprolabs Beta fw 1.70.75..... on the livestream?   my thoughts out loud.