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Maintenance options to download raw pictures

Hi there,



First post here, so thank you for listening in advance, and hello, GoPro Labs community!


I am planning a regular raw photo time-after-sunrise timelapse(not GoPro's timelapse mode, GoProLabs Photo mode), mounting the GoPro in a position that is rather hard to get to.


I want to be able to regularly download the raw images for quality control and ongoing proofs, but I am hitting snags:


- I cannot seem to download raw images over the WiFi api (but correct me if I am wrong). For this, I tried the Android GoPro App as well as "Wifi Connect for GoPro Hero 8" and "Camera Suite" by tequnique , but it seems to me the WiFi GoPro API is the limiter in that respect (will follow up).


- probably to conserve battery, I cannot seem to wake up the GoPro via Android App from sleep between photos, so in order to get some reliable result, I might need to build a remote mechanical pully switch to activate the power button of the GoPro - rather annoying ;).


- What would be awesome is some sort of option to wake up the GoPro via USB connection (it obviously detects it in the Quik App and to charge, but there is no option of switching it on)


- Another issue seems to be that once switched on, the Labs extension shows its next job (i.e. taking the next sunrise photo), and then switches itself off within seconds - if that window could be greater (like 1 minute?), that would just give enough time to download the photos and delete.


Like I said, the ultimate goal would be to get something to work that gets me the raw images with no-phyiscal touch - ideally over wifi, but I can understand that that would probably eat through standby power faster, but as a secondary option via USB (with the improvement of somehow being able to wake the camera INTO USB transfer, rather than just charging it)...


BUT, these are just my thoughts, if there are any other/better ways to achieve all this, that would be also great to know - some handy two-command-thingy that lets the cam do both daily - say take the sunrise photo, then power itself off until say exactly noon to switch itself on for a maintenance window of say 5 minutes, before powering itself back off until the next sunrise...?


Thanks for your values advice :)!