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Labs Feature Request - Hypersmooth Tuning for Powersports Use

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One of the challenges with using Hypersmooth mounted on a vehicle is that Hypersmooth will pan left when the vehicle is turning right. This problem is obvious in any footage where the direction of motion is obvious, eg a kayak, or seeing the hood of a car.




* Normal driving (1:29 and 2:04)


* Drifting (Hypersmooth doesn't preserve how sideways the car is)


In particular, I'm trying to use Hypersmooth to record drivelapses through windy scenic routes. When Hypersmooth turns away from the direction of motion, it amplifies the amount of motion of the screen as the scenery whizzes by. This is the opposite of human experience, where we turn towards the direction of motion, which minimizes the amount of motion in the center of our vision.


One solution I can think of is to have an option to use GPS/accelerometer based stabilizaiton (with the recent acquisition of Reelsteady Go) to eliminate vibration, but preserve the direction of motion (eg averaged over several seconds).

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