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Labs Feature Request - Custom Rates for Time Warp Auto (Inverse Speed, Speed/Rate Curves, etc)

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When recording drivelapses with Time Warp on Auto, the time rate speeds up with faster movement speed and slows down when stopped. The footage would be better if instead the rate was higher when stopped or slow, and lower when moving at higher speeds.


In addition, I've found a rate of about 2.5x to 4x is ideal for drivelapses around 50-25 mph (tested with postprocessing), but these speeds are are not available directly in Time Warp.


These two features together can be combined into a custom curve/table where Time Warp rates are custom adjusted based on GPS speed/visual difference (eg 4x at 25 mph, 3.5x at 35 mph, 3x at 40 mph, 2.5x at 50 mph).