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Ideas using gopro 9

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Loyal GoPro customer thoughts ideas in GoPro9
So far:
Got use to size quickly quite beefy
Battery life welcome improved
Beep volume- needs to have off option
Low is still quite loud
Voice control - much improved except with your rubber gopro case . Have had problems.
Connections- much improved to app.
Do we know the camera body slit two opening on left for “strap? “ If so great idea love to see it.
Do hope to see the qr option added at some point. To the Camera.
Thinking I like to see Tripod mount option right on the camera . Mounting camera on my motorcycle side car needs a more rigid mount.
Or a case that has a tripod mount option would also work.

Offer battery door with opening for charging.
I know their some after market options.
Option on camera menu to auto upload to phone app. Auto the process. Set schedule to happen at set amount of memory or time.
Front screen - don’t see benefits for me yet.
Hope to learn the benefits.

Under “ connect Device” goPro App
Love to see a option all files to external hard drive Export as jpg or mov

All in all love your product as I always have.
And do see the 9 as great value to upgrade.
Ever one that gets one going to love it!
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Re: Ideas using gopro 9

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Some good ideas. Thanks for sharing. Some info:
Beeps do have a on/off option, it is the music symbol in the menu, between voice control and quick capture..
The camera body's slit opening is a water drain port for the microphone within -- not for a strap.
QR Code (Labs) support for HERO9 is planned. 
1/4"-20 tripod mounting system is not a good idea for an action camera. Vibrations can make them spin off, and GoPro finger mounting system is designed to take an impact without damaging the camera, not so with an internal screw thread.  There are third party options if you want to take the risk:


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Re: Ideas using gopro 9

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Thank you... yes been mounted on my side car usually use a short pole for the one back camera . The wind moves the camera back so could rig a try pod mount to hold rigid thinking so wen riding wind not moving back.