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Help out a dummy with time warp

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Okay so I’m no stranger to coding, but I can’t seem to execute a basic command. I’m trying to do a basic test, time warp for 1 minute starting in one minute. I’ve tried: !mTW!N60!S60 and mTW!N60!S60, but camera always captures in video mode (my default-on setting). Obviously I’m missing something simple. And yes, I’ve read all the pages and checked out sample commands. I thought I was pretty intelligent, and no, I haven’t been drinking. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Help out a dummy with time warp

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Drinking might help. This is not without complexity as the commands are design to be very short, so more can fit in a QR Code, therefore they are less readable. There are some rules like all commands start with either "!<delay>Uppercase" (time delayed Action) or a just lower case (for Settings). So mTW is the command for setting TimeWarp, but !m?? doesn't exist. !N60 is not a command, but !60N is. Format is !<delay>Action. So in theory a command that does what you want would be mTW!60S!60E the would set to TimeWarp, shutdown for 60 seconds, boot in the DEFAULT mode start capture, then end (!60E) after 60s. The camera's default mode is what is hurting you. If you have the default set to video (likely) it will not boot in TimeWarp. Two solutions: mTWdT!60S!60E - this adds the "dT" to set the default to the last used timelapse. OR Preferred: !60NmTW!S!60E which leaves your defaults as is, delays first, then sets to TimeWarp upon waking, then sends the start and end commands.