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GoPro labs SW update

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Is ther anyway of creating two codes which could run consecutively for different parts of the day? e.g for night lapse photo & time lapse photo during the day. I've written the code to operate these functions independently but am struggling with the command that would enable both these codes to be connected. 

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Re: GoPro labs SW update

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It is possible, but is not always simple.  There are conditional commands that use the camera's time (set your clock correctly.) 


The command example !180N>07:00<20:00mP~mPN!S!R


The is equivalent to


!180N              Sleep for 3 minutes  

>07:00<20:00       if time>7am and time<8pm

mP                    set mode Photo

~                  else

mPN                   set mode Night Photo

!S                 Start/Shutter Button

!R                 Repeat


Let me know what you want to do, and I will try to help.