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Construction timelapse + protune settings query

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Hello! Loving the Labs software so far.

The problem I'm having is that my protune settings for the Construction Timelapse mode are not being enabled. 

Here's how I set it: 

I copy the code from the QR generator web page .

Then I paste it into the QR Control app and set my protune options. Camera Mode was left to 'not set'.

Here's an example setting below:



The timelapse proceeds correctly, but my protune settings are ignored. Appreciate any assistance.

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Re: Construction timelapse + protune settings query

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Sorry you can't simply concatenate complex commands like that. The problem is those protune settings are likely changing the wrong preset. Set the protune settings in the photo preset, as a separate QR or via touch screen, before calling the construction script.

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Re: Construction timelapse + protune settings query

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Oh right that makes sense. Thank you.

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Re: Construction timelapse + protune settings query

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Can you tell me the complete code you want to generate with the app? I can't see the image well.
Maybe you can generate it using the QR Commands app

Miguel Ángel