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yeah i totally agree its the whole system and just not a drone, it adds to my videos the shots i need :) with regards to Kenya i have just seen on the government website that you need a permit, i have got the online form so fingers crossed i will get it filled out and accepted, i have spoke to them via email and they seemed happy enough that it was not for commercial use as it is for my own personal gain so maybe if i am lucky i may be able to fly it there. we will see ha ha


as far as flying the karma, i was worried after reading alot of negatives on it but it flies great, i know every drone has issues it just seems that a lot of people want to hate on the Karma and that i have no idea why, i dont fly DJI anymore but i dont go around youtube or the internet slating them for buying it, what a strange world we live in.

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totally worth the wait, have flown other drones before this including DJI (which i am neither a fanboy or a hateboy) the Karma felt solid in the air, responsive, did everything it was supposed to do and landed it without a problem, all i can say is im glad i waited and glad i chose the Karma, by no means is it a perfect drone but as far as i am concerned it is the perfect drone for me, yes its had its bumps along the way ( falling out the sky, battery and GPS issues) but for a first attempt drone all i can say is keep making them and keep making more stuff GoPro

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Just wanted to get an update from everyone. Are you still flying Karma? Any positive or negative experiences to report?

I'm still using my Karma. I feel like I'm not getting as good of distance for some reason. It's not terrible, but does seem noticably shorter. Added the Hero6 and it has been like getting a new drone. Videos are so much better. I'm still very happy with my purchase and feel I have more than gotten my money's worth.

Funny thing is, I used to use the Grip more than the drone. Now that I have the Hero6 this has completely flipped. I haven't used the Grip in months. I will use it for paid gigs, but for everyday events/family shooting, the stabilization on the Hero6 more than meets my needs. I still haven't gotten the nerve to strap my Fusion to Karma, but I know I will one of these days.

Anyway, hope all is going good for everyone. If you've moved on to another drone please give your impressions/experience as well.
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Great post, I still use my karma, as i think the video on my hero 6 is just the best, Im a dji owner but there drones are just that drones, if i need to shot pov or video with audio Gopro for the win, i have a fusion also but wont put it on a drone, maybe my samsung gear 360, my karma still works amazing.
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I'm still using my Karma as well. I use my grip most since I can't always fly where I am. I've been loving the Karma. The more I fly the more I understand what I can and cannot do. I guess it's the same with any other drone as well. I also have a Phantom 4 Pro. Oh, and I won't move on to another drone since the Karma is more portable than my Phantom and I prefer the Karma to the Mavic. I'm good using these two in unison.