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Re: One thing leads to another
I think too many people use RTH as a way to land, stop doing this and land using the sticks...
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Re: One thing leads to another

I pretty sure this happened to me the first time I flew it (I had it for 1 day). It didn't hit the fence it was headad towards, but it came close. 


It looks like the issue is lost GPS signal. When that happens, Karma doesn't seem to be able to hold in place, you cannot use retun to launch and the auto shot paths don't work. 


It seems a little concerning, though, that hold din place is dependent on GPS and that the loss of GPS results in such dramatic movement. I expect fancy navigation to be GPS, but basic flight ought to have some sort of inertial system backup. 

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Re: One thing leads to another
The Karma does have Gyro, compass, accelerometer, and altitude hold built in and uses them with & without GPS.

Compass interference, radio interference, Wi-Fi interference, Multipath Propagation, environmental factors, structures, geomagnetic forces.... Many things come into play that can cause interference and issues when flying.

This isn't unique to Karma but all drones.

For best flying practice and to reduce the chance of crashes, "fly aways", and other issues, please read the check list I posted here

This is from the DJI Mavic Pro user manual.
"DO NOT calibrate your compass where there is a chance of strong magnetic interference, such as magnetite, parking structures, and steel reinforcements underground. DO NOT carry ferromagnetic materials with you during calibration such as cellular phones"

Just a reminder, don't carry your phone with you when you calibrate. Probably best to throw it in the backpack or just leave it in the car.