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couple questions...

I set my Hero 5 on res 720 at 30 fps.  I thought it was set up to record all night, viewing a flower that is supposed to open only once, and at night.   Turns out, it recorded video in 12 minute segments, for about two hours. 


In the morning, the camera was dead, even though it had been plugged into power all night.  I took out the battery and the card.  I got the videos off of the card, and replacing it and, I guess, the battery fixed it.


I had dropped the camera while setting it up, but it was working when I left it recording.


So, a few questions..   how do I set it to record continuously or for larger blocks than 12 minutes?

If the card is full, does the camera go dormant?  I thought it would simply start recording over the oldest material on the card.





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Re: couple questions...

its a 64 gig card. 

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Re: couple questions...
What you are seeing with the 12 minute files is called chaptering.

From GoPro:
When taking a video recording, the camera will automatically segment into a new file chapter once it has reached a certain size. These files when put together with editing software will play seamlessly as if they were never chaptered, and when played back from the camera directly will also play through as one continuation.

This chaptering is intentional and there is no way to keep the camera from doing so. Chapters are divided like this so that in the event of a jolt or crash that causes a file to become corrupted, only a portion of your video will have become corrupted and you won't lose the whole thing incase our file recovery feature is unable to fix the file.

Once the SD card is full the camera will not continue recording unless you have it set to looping. You will want to clear the SD card of any photos or videos before you start.

You can find out more about it here

I hope this helps,

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Re: couple questions...
Time lapse is done with photos not video if you setup your camera to shoot 1 frame every lets say minute , that 60 frames per hour, then put in the biggest memory card and let it go, every hour is only 60 pictures, drag all the photos into gopro studio convert them to a video your done.
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Re: couple questions...
Here is a example

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Re: couple questions...

Having the video chaptered like this also makes it easier to work with within the video editing software.  I was unaware that it automatically did this and usually just stop and start my video in increments by hand.  This is good info to have.

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Re: couple questions...

Set up video timelapse. pick a incrament. do the  math  for the time you want  to start and stop for example?


1 second interval   x 60 is a minute 30fps is a 2 second clip  there should be a table for the math.  it is an example nothing more.


then when you  finished you may be with  1 4gb file or more and  the video will be chaptered and will need to be  put to  editing.


You will need a power bank, or wall charger. to have unlimited power


 unless you want photo timelapse  then you're going to have 1 filefolder per 1000 photos and    set up your editor  correctly to accept all those filess and can cause a crash,   you also vcan video  and speed up theclip as well your choice