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Hero 6 or stabilizer?
Hi everyone,
I have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and I'm tired of the bad stabilization. Now I'm not sure if I should either upgrade to hero 6 which has an integrated advanced stabilization, or get a stalìbilizer for my hero 4, which im already quite happy with its video/audio performance. So I wonder what i should do and I got a couple of doubts for both situation that i'd ask you to clear:
1. i get a hero 6:
 - are there any features that i should be aware of and that i should consider, exept obvioulsy better stabilization, video and audio?
 - accessories, mounts, battey etc that i already have for my hero 4, fit in hero 6 as well? what's different between the two?
2. i get a stabilizer for my hero 4:
 - whats the average price for  it? i've seen a few ones from 100 to 150 euro, are they trustable prices? (some that i've seen also works with smartphone, which is cool)
 - any suggestions about some good ones that youìd suggest?
Thanks very much,
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Re: Hero 6 or stabilizer?
How are you using your camera? If it's just casual walking around use, and you are very satisfied with the results you are getting, then purchasing a Gimbal might be the best solution for you.

The EVO GP-PRO is pretty universally considered the best stabilizer for the Hero4. You should expect to pay around 200-215 Euro for your stabilizer. 150 euro would be the absolute minimum you should be looking to pay. Anything less and you will be getting junk. Even if it does work at first, the cheaper brands just don't last.

One thing about Gimbals that isn't often talked about. They are fragile devices and can easily be damaged, knocked out of orientation, and require a little learning to get to know how to handle correctly. One of the easiest, must sturdy, and smoothest Gimbals for the GoPro is the Karma Grip. It would be my second choice only because it has less features than the EVO GP-PRO and doesn't have a removable battery. As far as stability and ease of use, it's the best.

As far as getting the Hero6 instead of the Gimbal, you will be getting a much better camera in every way except perhaps audio. The Hero6 doesn't have bad audio, and if there is wind it's superior to the Hero4, but you generally need to boost the db in your editor. Straight out of the camera, the Hero4 usually sounds best.

It's really hard to not recommended the Hero6 as it's in many ways an entirely different camera than the Hero4. Even if you stay in the same resolution/frame rate for your video recording, it's significantly better. Perhaps most significant are the ISO 100 with auto shutter and the touch selective light metering. However, even with Protune off and without making adjustments, the results are generally much better.

Beyond the video recording, which is also at a higher bit rate, you just get more features and capturing capabilities. Photo options such as HDR, RAW, Auto Burst, take it to a whole new level.

The Hero6 also has many ease of use functions like voice commands, zoom, an LCD screen that allows you to see the effects of your changes as you make them, faster WiFi transfer, face and action detection for Quik Story, better low light, waterproofing without a housing, and of course the in camera stabilization.

It's a bigger investment so the question become, is the Hero6 worth it? In my opinion, yes. While the stabilization isn't going to be as good as you get with a gimbal, it's pretty darn good. Not having to put it in a bulky gimbal; however, more than makes up for the difference in quality. Because of the extra cost and your point about being satisfied with the Hero4, I have to lean towards the gimbal for your first choice, but I do so with a little trepidation knowing you are going with a less convenient solution with an inferior camera.

If you can, get the Hero6 and
try it for a couple weeks. GoPro offers a 30-day money back and most places offer something similar. If you don't think it's a significant upgrade you can just return it and go with the gimbal.