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Hero 5 Lack of Stabilization

I bought a Hero 5 recently, primarily because of the video stabilization feature.  However, I'm not seeing any stabilization.


The key settings:


Resolution 1080

Frame rate 30 & 60

Wide, narrow, and linear fields of view


The mount is atop the tail of a small aircraft.  It appears that the engine is the major source of the shaking, as the image isn't too bad.  But the wingtips of the plane appear to be shaking up and down, and it gets worse when the engine is running.


I've got a "brand x" camera I bought a month before the GoPro. It shows the same effect.


I've tried a solid mount, and one with some foam rubber.  No apparent difference.


Yet I stuck a key fob camera right on top of the engine cowling and it's smooth (albeit much lower resolution).


Any suggestions?

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Re: Hero 5 Lack of Stabilization
The stabilization on the Hero5 is decent but only 2 axis and not nearly as good as the 3 axis stabilization of the Hero6. To get the best stabilization you really need to use the Karma Grip. It does attach to GoPro mounts, but I don't know how feasible that is for you.
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Re: Hero 5 Lack of Stabilization

Thanks much.  Guess I'll just keep fiddling with mounts to see if I can come up with something that works.  I've tried a post-processor (Filmora) and it didn't improve things.  Can't see upgrading cameras right now.


It's really kind of funny, as you can watch the video and see the stabilization process working its brains out.  This video shows it pretty well.  Notice the camera, though fixed to the airframe, appears to move around.  This video was shot in a glide, so the vibration is (mostly) gone.


Landing at Auburn Airport. Bit of a departure at the end; plane tried to head west on me.