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Favorite Hero5 video settings
Please post your favorite GoPro hero 5 video settings here.
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Re: Favorite Hero5 video settings

I personally lately have been often torn between being able to edit and share on the go or archive style footage. On the go or mobile edits I shoot in 1080/30 (so i can download to my iPhone) and for archive I really like 2.7k and fps depends on situation or action.


I try not to get hung up on what is "perfect" just shoot and HAVE FUN!

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Re: Favorite Hero5 video settings

2k7@60fps, FOV Linear, Protune off, Sound on Stereo only, EIS off, Auto low light On, Voice comm On (eng) Wi-fi off.

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Re: Favorite Hero5 video settings

@fishycomics, why do you prefer Protune to be off?

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Re: Favorite Hero5 video settings

For me I would say 2.7K at 30fps and 24fps for cinema look.

Protune enabled, with almost everything adjusted. Smiley LOL