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Can't get GoPro help at ALL-problems with camera and software

I've tried to contact GoPro early morning, right before they close the call center, during lunch, etc and I can't ever get a hold of anyone. I tried the chat and it says they are busy try again later. I've looked for an email and I can't find one either. I seriously thought GoPro would have a good support system in place but frankly IT SUCKS. Maybe you fellas can help me out with a plethora of issues. I appreciate your feedback and time helping me out guys.


*I have a Hero 5 Black, with a 64 GB SanDisk card (formatted it to make sure it worked with GoPro), every time I record a video about 75% of the clips when played on the GoPro or on the computer I can only hear the audio and get a black screen. 

*I only have PCs with Windows 10 32 Bit, my Iphone has 1GB free of space, how in the world can I use any kind of software to edit and ultimately share with my family and friends on Facebook? I downloaded the GoPro Studio for 32 bit systems but it freezes with big files

*How do you transfer files directly from the camera to the computer via the USB cable? I haven't figured that out yet and have had to remove the SD card, insert it into the adapter then plugged it in to the computer. 

*Hypothetically Speaking when and if I ever get the camera/software to work.... if I want to use the iPhone app to upload, am I suppose to always connect to the GoPro wifi SSID and also to bluetooth? Or am I suppose to be able to just connect via bluetooth to be abel to transfer files between the GoPro and my phone? Turns out that for me, I have to connect to the GoPro wifi SSID then to bluetooth and that's the only way my phone app wil pick up the GoPro files? Am I doing this wrong?

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Re: Can't get GoPro help at ALL-problems with camera and software

I'm having the same problem trying to get in touch with someone.  I was on hold for an hour yesterday and have tried at all hours of the day to connect with someone via chat.  Anyone have a Gopro Contact number other than the one listed or a GoPro email address.

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Re: Can't get GoPro help at ALL-problems with camera and software
Sorry to hear about the difficulty getting through to Support. The chat is usually good when they first open during mid week. The phone support varies but is usually faster.

Which SanDisk card are you using? They have many different models. The Ultra are not good cards. Ideally, you should be using a card off of this list

If the card is on this list, I suggest you format again in the computer (exFAT for 64GB) and run the MANUAL update.

Once you have completed the update, format the card in the camera by following the steps

After formatting, reset the camera defaults

Take two photos and two short videos and see if the issue persist.

GoPro Studio probably isn't the best video editor for your computer. Check out these options and see if one of them works better for you. (GoPro recommended)

As far as transferring to your computer, using a USB adapter will be the fastest and most reliable method since you aren't running Quik.

On your phone, using a Quick Key is the fastest way to transfer but you can do so wirelessly. The phone first connects over Bluetooth and then switches to Wi-Fi. Both services should be running on your phone initially. It's recommended that you have a minimum of 3GB available so try to free up some space if you can.

If you have GoPro Plus you can set the camera to automatically upload to the GoPro server. I do this at night before bed. Once you've set up the connection to your home WiFi, just plug your camera in to charge and it will upload automatically once the camera is charged. From the GoPro Plus server you can cut your videos into clips of you want and share them on Facebook or YouTube. You can also download the files you want directly to your phone or mobile device and edit/share them this way. If you use the cloud service, you won't need to take the SD card out or manually transfer to your computer or device. Once the files have transferred, you will want to delete the files in the camera periodically to free up space and keep the SD card working trouble free.
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Re: Can't get GoPro help at ALL-problems with camera and software
I have my Gopro setup to upload all files and then delete once plugged into my pc, what file format are you shooting in by chance.