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Hero 7 abandoned?

I've had this GoPro (7 Black) for a couple years now and since day one I've had a buggy interface. Works 90% of the time, but on the last 10% there's freezes, screen on after being turned off, etc. Now I'm unable to use GPS as it finds no signal? Did a fresh factory reset and connected with the app as per usual, but nothing changes. No firmware update since V1.90 from 2019 I think? This is outragous.

It's --bleep-- near fraud to only update and fix already sold devices until next model is out in my opinion. Take note from larger tech companies like microsoft for example. The fact that it was this way out of the box is unreal. Do they really just test them for like 2 seconds before massproduction? Not buying another GoPro to say the least unless they actually read this and start fixing their sh*t.

Rant done. Now I'm gonna have to apply butthurt cream, bye.

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Re: Hero 7 abandoned?

Have to agree with you to a large degree on this as it irks me too...


Remember when bought my Hero 7 Black (wee bit late in the game) and then the day GoPro 8 was announced, were a lot of similarities between the two in terms of spec's (same sensor and GoPro’s custom GP1 processor). Then found out many of the 8's new features came via a new firmware which ended up meaning "you want em pony up for a new device"... Doubtful everything in the new firmware could be applied to Hero 7 Series but I bet many could have.


Anyhow, I'd be fairly OK with GoPro dropping the ball on a previous reiteration (no longer supported) if it weren't for the fact their camarera's always had (still do) a level of instability/inconsistency out-of-the-box that, imo, should have been sorted out a long time ago.

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Re: Hero 7 abandoned?

I agree that the cameras can be buggy. I have a hero 7 black and it does freeze sometimes. Every hero camera with a odd number is the first version of that canera (E.G. 5,7,9). The cameras with a even number are very similar to the previous one but have been changed to try to get rid of bugs. (E.G. 6,8) The difference between the 7 and 8 was more RAM and a different conectivity chip.